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Farm Feed

Armstrong's is a full-service feed store. As an associate dealer of Agribrands Purina, we offer our customers a wide variety of livestock feeds for animals big and small. 


Here's Glen

Glen Pettigrew

Farm & Country Manager


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Since 1932, we’ve been providing local farms with quality feed for horses, cows, poultry, pigs, rabbits, sheep, goats, and more (even monkeys!). We offer an extensive collection of bagged feed including whole and cracked corn, whole and rolled oats, full-sized and mini hay cubes, beet pulp pellets and shredded, pasture seed, and dry molasses. We also carry supplements and treats, as well as salt blocks and minerals. As an associate dealer of Agribrands Purina, we offer our customers a wide variety of livestock feeds for animals big and small. 

Horse Feeds & Supplements



Ideal for all stages of life, from gestation to growth and from performance to retired, all with optimal nutrition.

  • Senior 20kg

  • Elite 20kg

  • Maternity 20kg

  • Juvenile 20kg​


Developed to meet the needs of the leisure horse, boarding stables, riding schools looking for a versatile feed tailored to different types of horses.

  • Original 25kg

  • Pro Grain 25kg

  • Fibra 25kg

  • Concept 25kg


Super digestible feeds with elevated fibre content from high-quality roughage sources and low glycemic index including 3 fat and fiber feed with added plant-sources fats.

  • Plus 25kg

  • Classic 25kg

  • Integri-t 25kg


Excellent for all life stages, including gestation, growth and performance of the adult and senior horse.

  • Maternity 20kg

  • Progression 20kg

  • Sport Plus 20kg


 Targeted to the particular needs of your horse, pony or mini, depending on his health, temperament and performance.

  • Trimax 20kg

  • Optimal 25kg

  • Excel HD

  • Equilizer 25kg


  • BMZ 3kg

  • Horse Plus 3kg, 10kg

  • EZ Balance 4kg

  • Equi22 8kg

  • Equi-EEZ 12kg

  • Horse Shield 8kg

  • Pur Athlete Supplement 10 kg, 20kg

  • Apple Chunks 1kg, 10 kg

Chicken Feed & Supplements

  • Game Bird Layena 25kg

  • Purinature Layena 25kg

  • Game Bird Startena 25kg

  • Game Bird Flight Conditioner 25kg

  • Purinature Growena 25kg

  • Purinature Start & Grow 25kg

  • Golden Harvest Chow Crumbles 25kg

  • Golden Layena Textured 25kg

  • Turkey Startena

  • Golden Turkey Growena 25kg

  • Golden Layena Crumbles 25kg

  • Meet Builder Pellets

  • Golden Growena Organic

  • Corn Whole 25kg

  • Corn Cut 25kg

  • Henscratch 25kg

  • Poultry Grit - Grower 25kg

  • Oyster Shell 50lbs

Cattle Feed & Supplements

  • Milk Chow 20kg

  • Fastart Calf Startena 25kg

  • Prima Calf Coarse 25kg

  • Stature 25kg

  • Activ Plus 12:7 Dry Cow 25kg

  • Activ Plus Mineral 25kg

  • Beef Sup-R-Block 25kg & 225kg

  • Maxi-Pro RV 37 Las 25kg

  • Performance Beef B32 25kg


  • Rabbit Performance Blend C 25kg

  • Rabbit Performance Blend RBZ 25kg

  • Rabbit Complete Care Blend 25kg


  • Lamb Milk Replacer 10 kg

  • Lambena 25kg


  • Porkbuilder 16% 25kg

  • Mini Pig Chow 50lbs


  • Oats Whole Western Cleaned 25kg

  • Oats Crimped Western 3x Clean 25kg

  • Wheat Bran

  • Flax Ground 50lb

  • Wheat Western Hard 25kg

  • Flax Whole 50lb

  • Canary Seed 50lb

  • Safflower 50lb

  • White Millet 50lb


  • Tank Topper Coarse 25kg

  • Chinchilla Chow 25kg

  • Bluewater Floating Fish 18kg

  • Litter Builder

  • Hi Pro Monkey Chow 50lbs

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We deliver!

For all your farm, feed and pet needs, we deliver every Tuesday from Binbrook to Ancaster, Mount Hope, Haldimand, Smithville and all the farms in between. *Minimum $200 order.  

Our Customer Stories
...also known as 'Straight from the Horses Mouth' 

"I must be dreaming... Can't believe this level of service! We had grain and shavings delivered from GrandErie Home Hardware for the first time today. They told me if I left signs, they would unload it where we wanted it, but... I had to see to believe! SO IMPRESSED!" 

- Ashley Hill

"Super service. Unparalleled in customer service. This service makes my job so much easier. Such a pleasure to deal with this store. The products are first-rate, whether feed for my herd, flowers, or the garden.  Full-service store with an exceptional product line. My horses have dapples year-round from the feed and shine without costly supplements since the feed is so nutritious.  Happy, healthy herd!"

- Margaret Hoy

Feed Analysis &
Hay Testing

Curious about the quality of your hay? Looking to balance the needs of your farm animals and your wallet? Let's chat!

Hay Bales

Featured Brands

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