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Plumbing & Electrical

Making water flow in the right direction. Power it, heat it and cool it with Armstrong's.

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Here's Richard

Richard Rowe

Plumbing & Electrical Dept Manager,

Sales & Service


Plumbing & Bath

The Armstrong's Plumbing Team can provide helpful advice, the right tool, the right part, and the right fixture - to get the job done right!

From vanities to toilets, faucets, and pumps, right through to your water filtration system, Armstrong's has everything you need to make the water run when – and where – you want it.

Electrical & Heating and Cooling

The Armstrong's Electrical and Heating & Cooling Team can help you keep the lights on, stay cool all summer, and warm all winter long. 

From outlet covers to light fixtures, copper wire to conduit, we have a wide variety of electrical products available. Looking to install proper ventilation, a new thermostat, fresh furnace filters, or a portable heater? Right, this way!

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