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Chick Days 2024 is now OPEN!

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Image by Brett Jordan

Armstrong's is your go-to location for poultry feed and equipment, including feeders, waterers, shavings, heat and brooder lamps, and chicken wire. 

We also offer chicken and fowl ordering. Looking for day-olds, ready-to-lay, white or brown egg layers, and/or meat birds? Want to add turkeys, ducks, pheasants, and geese to the mix? We are your local dealer for Frey’s Hatchery. Due to the high demand for chickens, we recommend not waiting to place your chicken order. Call or email today, delivery dates are booking up very quickly, to avoid disappointment, we suggest you place your order well in advance. (4).png

Available at Armstrong's

  • Chicken Feed

  • Feeders & Feeder Trays

  • Waterers

  • Shavings

  • Heat & Brooder Lamps

  • Chicken Wire

  • Incubators


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