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Pool, Chlorine & Spa

Make a splash with Armstrong's!

Image by Lee Jeffs

Leaf skimmers, toys, salts, PH up & down products, algaecides, alkalinity, test strips… for all your spa, pool, and chlorine needs, Armstrong's has you covered. Our primary concern is to help you stay supplied with all the products that you need to keep your water clean, healthy, and above all, safe.

Have a hot tub? We carry many supplies including the Azur hot tob water treatment products that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water care.

Bulk Chlorine copy.jpg
Bulk Chlorine

Bulk Chlorine

10L         Jug Only.... 19.49
               Refill.......... 13.99

20L        Refill........... 27.99              


Have a pond?

We also carry pond liners, pumps, and pond coy fish food!

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